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This page is for our customer's projects. If you have made something from BFC Stash products, please send me a photo! Write a paragraph about your project and e-mail it along with a photo(s) to Also please let me know whether to publish your full name, or just your first name.
Linda's Class Linda's Class Rene made this great shirt for her Granddaguhter, Skye, after her baby sister was born.
Linda's Class Linda's Class Linda's Class
Linda's Class Linda's Class Linda's Class
Linda's Class Linda's Class Linda's Class
I wanted you to see what my Cameo Silhouette machine can do with your glitter.
The flames in the skull and the design in your ladies hair have been cut by this
machine.  The flames are two inch by 1 inch and cuts just fine.   The people that have this machine would love to try  it out.  Karen
Karen made a boot look fantastic with Embroidery Glitter! Linda's Class - using some free deisgns from BFC Stash along with BFC Products. She had them make items to take home fromt heir stitchouts.
Linda did these beautiful initials with metallic thread and Angelina.   Karen cut the flames with her Cameo Cutter.
Another apron by althea - this is adorable. Althea's apron for a budding Artist. Verona made this gorgeous quilt using our Amur Tiger.
Linda stitched this design with BFC Thread on a T-Shirt for her Minister Althea makes aprons and sells them at a craft mall. As you can see she's been using Embroidery Glitter and says her customers want them!
Karen placed a piece of Glitter before stitching and then trimmed it. It looks great! Karen used Blue Glitter with Fred's Peacock. Linda used embroidery Glitter with lettering she did in 6D Pro It is a waffle weave bathrobe and Linda says the Glitter worked great on it!
By Karen Karen did our Classy Ladies Portraits using Embroidery Glitter. I love the way they look! By Karen
.  In The Woods, I used the little leaf beads around the border and then I broke up some of the tiny wooden beads to look like rocks on the path.  It was my first landscape quilt.  Taken from a shot of the woods in Northern Ireland. Joanie Detail of In the Woods by Joanie by Karen
Detail of the grass - you can easily see the long eyelash fibers. The little flowers are painted Another great project by Joanie - Bernal Park Joanie made the grass along the highway with fibers. Joanie's Gallery:

Paula's T Shirt done with Embroidery Glitter This is a washer I included in a baby gift Lorraine Joanie did this great project using fibers from BFC Stash. *Twin Peaks where I made grass along the roadway. *
by Jeanne Karene of smiling Stitches made this for her son's business using Reflectra Stitchfoil. The same patch but stitched with Embroidery Glitter
Rise tried the lady on a shirt. This shines so pretty with this - really beautiful.. I used Crystal Aurora Borealis one for this. I had to add a color that would be light because it is a semi sheer design. Betty Falasca from Betty's Original Embroideries I used the embroidery glitter sheet. and a free design from Embroidery Garden. You can post it. I am happy with how it turned out.
Experimented with the glitter sheet on a design from BFC1250 Applique or Not. I've used Design #01 from the set with red glitter for applique. The ITH zipper case is from Embroidery Garden and I added the applique design to the stippled back of the case. Remembered to use a contrasting color for the details and think it turned out very well :-) Choon
Karene of Smiling Stiches has made a beautiful horse with glitter. I never thought of using it on a horse but he looks great Karene... Rise loves to work with paper and make cards and notebook covers. so she had to try the glitter - I think it works great on paper!
Finally finished my handbag (template from BFC1250) using BFC1374-11 with Glitter. Mirror-imaged BFC1374-12 and adjusted the size to fit the pocket piece for the back. I used brown glitter from the first set of 14 colors that I ordered though I was undecided - all the colors were so pretty! Fabric used was antique satin from Sylvia. Choon My zipper was a bit too long and I ended up with bag having a slightly lop-sided top :-) Choon I had so much fun with the Glitter that I'm going to be making a few more using different colors! There's so much 'bling' that I really need to use a very much lighter color/contrasting thread for the details as some of them didn't really show up. Choon
This is my version of a design by PJ's Designs called Happy Fall from Anita Goodesigns.  I decided to do a Holiday theme and used the Embroidery Glitter for the eyes.  I just love that stuff!!! It totally puts punch in a design.  Jeanne A birthday placemat with Glitter candle flames for our 5 year old granddaughter, Kira. Judy Bausch I bought the grab bag of Glitter from BFC  and am delighted to have so many colors. Thank you Suz, for bringing this product to us. Judy Bausch
here are the fsl on glimmer - it looks gorgeous... it is a lady who used the custom made items on the indiegogo this is a donation She wanted something rough and still cute and sweet since it is the birth of two girls ! She has seen pics of the cards  and she loves it.
she has seen the glimmer but she was thrilled when i suggested i use it on the cards ... the designs are very old- from emb library ... they are of course dense in the egde but  the glimmer has lots of  space to glow through an shine A LOT !!!
​i wanted to have a llittle around the egde- this gives it more structure... and roughness ... a wonderfull thing...the glimmer ! Rise
Rise used this Glitter Lady to make a wrap for books or notebooks. Rise used silver Glitter to make this Butterfly Wrap Sue Hummer made this shirt using Navy Glitter
Sue Hummer made this delightful dress form with Pink Glitter. I love the text Sue Hummer added to the copper glitter lady! I used Aurora Crystalina and Silver Iris angelina fibres but as I didn't have Cobalt Blue fibres, I cut very fine strips of the film to bond them together. The film is easier to use but the fibres have the extra sparkle to make the design 'pop'. With your clear instructions and photos, the designs were easy to put together and I enjoyed watching the pieces sew out.
Choon in Sydney
Cyndy's Tote Bag: I stitched out the peacock design from NLE by Michelle. I then used eye lash yarn to kind of match the thread in the design. I pretty much laid down the eye lash yarn and trimmed the piece until I had a look I liked. To hold everything in place I use a zigzag stitch on my regular sewing machine. I sewed across the strains about every1 to 2 inches. Decorate using your imagination. Cyndy's Towel Cyndy's Towel and Tote bag set.
Cyndy stitched the Tiger and Cub with BFC Poly Thread As I was stitching this tee shirt for my 7 year old granddaughter, the email came talking about the BFC Stash photos.  I also used the embroidery glitter on the pinwheel hair clippies.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough leftover for the pony tail holders  She loves the glitter and, so does my daughter!  She said that was the cutest shirt ever!  (PS:  I have doing shirts for her for 7 years!! LOL).  Thanks for the embroidery glitter as it really does make the designs "sparkle"! Audrey N. Suz Thank for finding such a great product . I have used various types of glitter only to find everything covered in glitter including myself. This glitter did not get into the machine or stick to the iron, I pressed the iron direct to the material and again no problems. Free Glitter Design from BFC STash Home Page Stitched by Anne.
Free Glitter Design from BFC STash Home Page
Stitched by Anne
Sttich by Anne Design from Charming Station Here is final pic of my use of glitter vinyl. Skye has lots of ideas for us to use this this summer. :) Renee and skye
Here is the finished wall hanging.  It turned out more complicated to finish than I had originally thought, because I had to encase Timtex underneath a second backing to hold it stiff for hanging.  It has crystals, hand embroidery, couching, bobbin work, fusible glitter for stars under the organza border, and prairie points. There are hanging tabs on the back, but they're folded down here. Sunny I used your gold glitter fusible underneath the organza, and they don't show up in the pic as much as in real life! Sunny The center sun has needlepunched roving, but it is hard to see on the pic. Sunny
Linda did her State of Arkansas in Red Glitter! Ila and her Daughter Ilana made this USA with some stars and fireworks in glitter scatterer all over the fabric. No Stitching involved!! Ilana added some detail to the U with Artist's chalk Ila and Ilana also made this A all with Glitter and some accents with Crayon.
I am working on pockets for a tote class I will teach to my sewing class friends. They wanted a machine beading class. I had taught the technique before so was looking for something different to do with the machine beading. Decided flowers and a dragonfly would be fun. Found the dragon fly and flowers on a pattern by Debora Konchonsky called Dragonflies. Your glitter was just perfect for the wings.
Sandy made her shirt with glitter and BFC Design set Applique Elements - Geometric Great T-Shirt Sue!
A friend asked if I could make her a small quilted drawstring pouch approx. 5x6 inches. Looked through my stash of designs but couldn't find what she wanted so improvised with a quilted square from Chantell's and instructions from Urban Thread's Pretty Peacock Pouch. The embroidery came from BFC1367 Glitterflies, design 02 using Red Glitter for the butterfly, love the glitter! Am thinking of a tote with all that bling..... Choon