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The new BFC Creations will be on line

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The new BFC Creations will be on line
The new BFC Creations will be on line a week from today!!!! No longer will you have to go to one place to buy designs and one to buy thread and other products. Everything will be on one site.
Among the other changes are Customer Accounts, History, Wish Lists, Category menus and lots more!

BFC Stash is now closed so Fred can take a full inventory and we can get all the quantities into the new site.

How to Order

Welcome to BFC Stash! To make your shopping experience pleasant, please read the following before placing an order.
Log in:
Enter your log in information. If you are not registered you will be given an opportunity to register when you check out.
Putting Items in your cart:
We have tried to make the ordering process as easy as possible and the method we are using isn't seen on too many sites. When you click on a category, for example Poly, 1000m Spools, you will be brought to a page with 40 color swatches. To order any of these colors put a quantity in the box underneath the swatch. Then when you are done with the page, scroll down and click on *Add whole page to cart*. This will put all the colors with a quantity greater than 0 into your cart at once. (Saving you having to add each color to the cart one at a time). After clicking on this button you will see your shopping cart. To return to the main product menu, click *Continue Shopping*. If you want to go back to the color swatches, click the back button on your browser. At the bottom of the color swatch pages you will see a *Next* button to scroll through all the colors. The colors are presented in the same order you will find them on the BFC Color charts. This applies to all the different items on the site.
Registering an account:
You have the option of creating an account with BFC when you checkout or proceeding without setting up an account. Either way is fine. If you set up an account, we keep your address info on file for when you come back, but no credit card or Paypal information is stored under any circumstances. Please skip the Customer Category code on the page where you choose to register and just click on register.
We charge a flat rate shipping that is calculated automatically when you order. Please click on SHIPPING TAB after clicking START SHOPPING to see our rates.
Checkout: You have the choice of paying with Paypal, credit card or a personal check or money order. To pay with PayPal, click on the Paypal icon and it will bring you right to payment with your paypal account. If you prefer, choose credit card or personal check in the drop down menu underneath the paypal button.
Search function: On the left hand side of the Product menu and order pages you will see a Search button. If you need peach color thread for example, you can type Peach in the search box and it will bring up all the colors that have peach in their name. If you use Advanced Search you can also enter a SKU number and it will come up. For thread searchs, put in the 4 digit color number in the Search box and it will show you that color.
Admelody Users: We have matched as many Admelody colors as we can in this first 360 colors of our new thread. Some are almost identical - others are close and would work well in designs calling for Admelody. You can download a conversion chart from this site.